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Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that develops in some psoriasis sufferers. There are 5 different types of this disease. If diagnosed, early treatment is necessary to prevent the joints from being affected.
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Again Virginia Davis says:

I also have had 3 serious surgeries on my neck. All Titanium. Well, I also have multiple benighn thyroid tumors & an Anestesist attempted to get a tissue sample for a diagnosis on an X-Ray guided needle biopsy, hurt like H___, & then said not sure after 3 tries if he got actual cellular fluid. Said I would have to come back & let the cheif of Anesthesia repeat procedure. HAHAHA After 3 surgeries on my neck, 3 tries from this young man ( we all have to learn ) I expressed my pain as well as dismay about this mess & you know the Doctor said to me "why are you here wasting my Time?" Needless to say, I have not returned. Now all of my benighn tumors have had babies in there. Bigger as well. This is just a tip of my long story. You know, it does help talking about this stuff. Maybe, if I am lucky, I might get some sleep.

Virginia Davis says:

I left out a very important thing. I have the ugliest R. Foot that is cracked when I walk, bleeds, ect. Actually, I don't know if anyone else has this awful problem but I experience severe pain in that foot, if I close me eyes while i stand on it that I can actually visualize every bone I step upon. Many things have changed & are still evolving in the practice of medicine. I NEVER thought I would live in the day of medicine as a MONEYMAKING BUSINESS where money comes before an Ill patient. Now, do not forget the paperwork that IF & I mean IF it is papers you need, break out the wallet!!!!!!! I have been a R.N.- Board Certified for too long, I think.

virginia davis says:

As a matter of fact, I only can count on one hand, the Physicians I know that really care about their patients as people. GOD help anyone that goes to the E.D. at their local hospital because the first thing you are asked " Are they a D.N.R.?"

virginia davis says:

Since I have reviewed photos, I am 110% I hava some form of this disease. I cannot get a Doctor to see me for a diagnosis. A Physician that specializes in arthritis told me that I worry too much about a high C-Reactive protien. Would not evan examine me. I have had so many surgeries I now have been labeled. After all I have been through, I am really gun-shy. I could have really sued these so-called Doctors as well as a hospital or 2, but I believe in KARMA. I have SOOO much pain, i can hardly walk on my very UGLY, bleeding, cracked, itchy to point of extreme pain, I am at my wits end. Not one of these so called Drs care. If you get depressed to the point you die, they ALL, EVERYONE will be burying 1 of their mistakes. I have known several of them personally.

Cecile says:

the top part of my feet (left more than rt.) hurt so much especially when weather changes dramaticly .. what's the best thing to help.

Kiara Smith says:

I have psoriasis and I would like more information on the subject. Please sent to my email address more info.

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